Posted on 08/10/2020 in Electric & Electronic Fire Safety 2020
Study suggests no health risk from PIN FRs

A review of organophosphate FRs in indoor dust in China suggests that they do not pose a direct health risk. The review aims to include all relevant data on OPFRs. 618 publications were identified, screened down to cover 41 sampling locations. OPFR levels were highest in dust in offices and electronics waste workshops (total 10 sites). At most sites, OPFRs most present were chlorinated, except in electronics waste site (higher levels of aryl OPFRs). Levels found in indoor dust in China, at around 0.01 ppm total all OPFRs, are significantly lower than those reported in many other countries (Brazil, Japan, UK, Canada, Germany, Norway …). Estimated daily intake by ingestion of dust is c. 10 nanogrammes per kg body weight for children (lower per kg for adults) are considered to not pose a direct health risk. The authors suggest that more research is needed on other exposure pathways and on health impacts.

“A review on organophosphate flame retardants in indoor dust from China: Implications for human exposure”, X. Chen et al., Chemosphere 260 (2020) 127633

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