Posted on 21/07/2019 in 2019
Surat coaching centre fire, India

22 young people died in a fire in an academic coaching centre in Surat, Gujarat State, India, 24th May 2019. The fire is said to have started with an electrical short-circuit and to have then destroyed the only escape route, a wooden staircase. The coaching centre was in a “makeshift dome” on a third floor terrace. The fire has led the NGO United Human Rights Federation (UHRF) to call on politicians for stronger national fire safety legislation in India. At the same time, India is increasingly moving to tighten fire safety. For example, the State of Thiruvananthapuram has issued over 10 000 notices in early 2019 to buildings failing to respect fire safety requirements. 650 second notices have already been served, which is the next step towards legal enforcement proceedings.

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