Posted on 17/11/2020 in Fire Safety 2020
Synergist to improve PIN FR thermoplastics

BYK has launched a non-halogenated synergist which improves fire performance, processing and material properties, and reduces weight, of PIN FR thermoplastics. The synergist is a specific organophilic sheet silicate. Applications include engineering plastics such as polyamides. At a loading of 5%, the synergist reduces or prevents burning droplets and improves char formation, so improving fire performance. It can improve barriers to oxygen, water vapour and hydrocarbons, enable optimisation of PIN FR and filler loadings, and improve melt viscosity, so improving dimensional stability during profile extrusion. Applications include EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), LDPE (polyethylene), polypropylene, polylactide and polyamides.

“Flame retardant synergist BYK-MAX CT 4260 is a K 2019 Show highlight”, 1 August 2019

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