Posted on 29/11/2023 in Transport Fire Safety 2023
Testing heat release from car fires

Full scale burn tests on modern diesel engine car shows similar heat release to comparable model from the 1990’s. Two test burns of Renault Talisman vehicles were carried out, one with empty fuel tank, one 2/3 full of diesel. Results were compared to a 1990’s test of the comparable Renault model of the time, Laguna. Total energy released during the today tests was not significantly different from the 1990’s test, around 5000 MJ after half an hour, despite the Talisman weighing 200 kg more than the 1990’s Laguna. The peak heat release rate in the 1990’s test was significantly higher, nearly 9 MW, but that of the Talisman with 2/3 empty full fuel tank was somewhat higher and earlier than with a full tank. These results suggest that heat release rate is mainly influenced by specific events (time at which windows break letting air into the car interior, fuel tank failure leading to pool fire in the 1990’s test).

“Experimental investigation of the HRR of modern ICE vehicles”, J-B. Tramoni et al., in Proceedings from the Seventh International Conference on Fires in Vehicles, Stavanger, Norway, April 24-25, 2023, RiSE

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