Posted on 17/11/2020 in Electric & Electronic 2020
Thermally conductive epoxy resins for LEDs

Electrolube has developed thermally conductive PIN flame retardant epoxy resins for LEDs. ER2074 is a white resin which uses PIN flame retardants to achieve UL94-V0 with low smoke and fumes. It is thermally conductive (1.26 W/m.k), does not contain abrasive fillers so is processing friendly, and offers high water and chemical resistance. Its white colour after curing offers appearance advantages and combined with its thermal conductivity makes it ideal for applications in LED lighting, both internal and external. Electrolube has also announced a first transparent UL94V-0 resin, UR5641, again using PIN flame retardants, and using aliphatic urethane chemistry resistant to yellowing. It offers thermal conductivity of 0.35 W/m.K and operating temperatures -40 to 120°C. Electrolube is a global formulated chemical supplier since 1941 to electronics and industry.

“Electrolube Launches First Clear UL94 V-0 Flame Retardant PU Resin for any LED Market” 23 October 2019

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