Posted on 17/11/2020 in Fire Safety 2020
Tough new PIN FR polyamides

pinfa member, Lanxess, has developed high strength & rigidity PA6-fibre composites achieving UL94-V0 @ 0,5 mm. The materials have high glass- or carbon-fibre content to ensure mechanical strength, rigidity and energy absorption, and use PIN flame retardants to achieve high fire performance, including a composite for railway applications (EN 45545-2). The PIN FR package is designed to not affect mechanical performance. Applications include electrical and electronics, in particular where mechanical resistance is required such as components for electric vehicles, electronic housings, railway and industrial applications.

Photo: Lanxess’ in-house fire test: the black carrier profile is made of one of the new Tepex grades, the rib structure of an orange polyamide 6 Durethan (also halogen-free FR). The flames do not spread, but extinguish when the burner is removed, regardless of whether the carrier is flamed over the surface or at the edges.
“Tough and very fire resistant”, Lanxess, 16th October 2020 See also Lanxess compounds for e-vehicles in pinfa Newsletter n° 114

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