Posted on 04/04/2023 in Electric & Electronic Fire Safety 2023
Two million item fire risk product recall

Electrical fault in air fryers causes recall of two million items: wire connection risks overheating and causing burns or fire. Air fryers cook without oil. Nearly 2.3 million Cosori Air Fryers, (Atekcity), of a number of models, sold in the USA, Canada and Mexico, have been recalled after over 200 reports of fryers catching fire, burning, melting, overheating or smoking, with 10 incidents reported as resulting in minor injuries and 23 reports of property damage. This recall illustrates the ubiquitous potential fire causes present in all electrical equipment (overheating, short circuits and arcing) and therefore the need to ensure that the polymeric materials used in these items (for reasons of electrical safety, weight and design) do not ignite (in wiring, electronics, casings).

“Two Million COSORI® Air Fryers Recalled by Atekcity Due to Fire and Burn Hazards (Recall Alert)”, US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 23 February 2023

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