Posted on 14/12/2023 in Fire Safety Regulatory 2023
UN Plastics Treaty targets halogenated FRs

United Nations negotiations on global Plastics Treaty (INC3) considers both plastic waste and plastics additives. The core aim of the proposed UNEP globally “legally binding instrument on plastic pollution in the marine environment” (UN plastics treaty) is to reduce plastic waste. However, the draft treaty discussed at INC3 (Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee, Nairobi, 13-19 November 2023, “Zero Draft Text”) proposes to also include an ‘Annex A’ listing polymers and chemicals “of concern”, to be updated at least every ten years. Proposed criteria for defining “of concern” were published in May 2023 (UNEP/PP/INC.2/INF/4). This possible criteria document cites as examples the chlorinated flame retardant TCEP and brominated flame retardants.

“Hopes rising for historic treaty to curb plastic pollution”, UN News 17 November 2023

UNEP Plastics Treaty ‘Zero Draft Text’ (4 Sept. 2023)

“Additional information linked to potential options for elements towards an international legally binding instrument”, UNEP 23 May 2023, UNEP/PP/INC.2/INF/4

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