Posted on 29/11/2023 in Regulatory 2023
Uncertain EU chemicals regulation revision

Will the European Commission engage the revision of REACH before end 2023 or whether it will be delayed? In answers to the European Parliament, Maroš Šefčovič, European Commissioner now responsible for the Green Deal, did not commit to table the REACH revision by end-2023 saying that “preparations will continue”. If the draft legal text is not published by end 2023, then European Parliament will not start its first reading before European Elections next June, and then the proposal will have to be resubmitted (or not?) by the new European Commission after the elections. Mr. Šefčovič stated that work is underway to define revisions of REACH to “significantly reduce health hazards and environmental damage from chemical pollution and address the chemicals of very high concern, while ensuring the availability of chemicals that are essential for the key green transition technologies, guaranteeing the level playing field vis-à-vis our international competitors and avoiding too high an administrative burden on European businesses.”

Maroš Šefčovič written answers to the European Parliament, 2nd October 2023 and 11th October 2023

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