Posted on 02/03/2021 in Regulatory 2021
US bans nearly all uses of Deca-BDE

The US EPA has effectively banned five PBT chemicals including the brominated FR DecaBDE. Under TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) section 6(h), the US EPA has effectively banned five Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxic (PBT) chemicals, including decabromodiphenyl ether DecaBDE, from February 2021, and covering manufacture, import, sale or distribution of the chemical or of any product containing it. Temporary exceptions to the ban are made for some specific uses such as hospitality industry curtains, nuclear power installation cables, aerospace, replacement automotive parts, recycled plastics.

“EPA Issues Final TSCA Section 6(h) Rules for Five PBT Chemicals”, 6 January 2021 and EPA official website

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