Posted on 21/09/2021 in Fire Safety Regulatory 2021
US EPA final rule for thirty FRs

The US EPA has published new information requirements for TBBPA, TCEP, TPP and for 30 halogenated flame retardants. The new final rule under TCSA (US Toxic Substances Control Act), three FRs* (TBBPA = brominated, TCEP = chlorinated, TPP = organophosphate ester) are identified as “high priority substances” requiring submission of all published and unpublished studies to EPA. The new final rule also lists thirty halogenated flame retardants for which information is requested to support evaluation and prioritisation by EPA under TCSA and by CPSC under FHSA (Consumer Product Safety Commission, Federal Hazardous Substances Act).

* TBBPA = tetrabromobisphenol A. TCEP = Tris(2-chloroethyl) phosphate. TPP = triphenyl phosphate.
“Manufacturers and Importers of 20 High-Priority Chemicals and 30 Organohalogen Flame Retardants Must Submit Data to EPA”,
Federal Register “Health and Safety Data Reporting; Addition of 20 High-Priority Substances and 30 Organohalogen Flame Retardants. A Rule by the Environmental Protection Agency on 06/29/2021”

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