Posted on 30/10/2019 in Transport 2019
US NTSB presses for better road vehicle fire safety

The US National Transport Safety Board has reiterated its recommendation to revise the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS 302 to require more rigorous materials flammability and smoke emission requirements. The NTSB proposes to align road vehicles standards with standards for aviation and railways. This new statement follows investigation of a 2017 Oakland Iowa school bus fire in which the driver and the only passenger died. The NTSB Chairman is quoted: “Fire suppression systems, fire-resistant interior materials and improved fire safety performance standards could have provided more time for the driver and the student in this tragedy.”

“Investigators say a fatal Iowa school bus fire was preventable; here’s how Iowa may improve bus safety”, Des Moines Register, 20th June 2019
“School Bus Run-Off-Road and Fire, Oakland, Iowa, December 12, 2017”, NTSB report HWY18MH003, 18th June 2019 HWY18MH003

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