Posted on 16/11/2021 in Fire Safety Regulatory 2021
USA: c. 12 000 civilian fire injuries per year

USFA study indicates 11 650 non-firefighter injuries/year (2017-2019), of which ¾ in homes, in some 370 000 recorded fires. This is additional to the c. 3 700 fire deaths per year in the USA (NFPA data, see pinfa Newsletter n°117). This report by the US Fire Administration (USFA) covers only building fires and uses different data sources from NFPA, who estimate a larger number of fires (1.3 million fires in total, including vehicles etc). The USFA report estimates that the main cause of residential fires is cooking (31%) and the main human factor was “being asleep” (49%) (sic). Smoke inhalation accounted for 42% of injuries.

“Civilian Fire Injuries in Residential Buildings (2017-2019)”, US Fire Administration, Topical Fire Report Series, July 2021, Volume 21, Issue 4

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