Posted on 13/02/2020 in 2020
Washington consultation on “priority products”

Following on from the consultation on defining “priority chemicals” in 2019 (see pinfa Newsletter n°108), the State of Washington has now opened to 2nd March 2020 a consultation on “priority products”. This follows from the State’s law RCW 70.365 “Safer Products for Washington” adopted Spring 2019 (Senate Bill 5135) which identifies organo-halogen flame retardants [and other flame retardants identified by the Washington State Department of Ecology] as one of five classes of “priority chemicals”. The current consultation somewhat unclearly refers often simply to “flame retardants”, but seems to target organ-ohalogen flame retardants. The consultation proposes “Electric and electronic equipment (device casings)” as “priority products” for flame retardants, citing as possible concerns exposure of children, workers in occupations involving electronics and sensitive species. Under “safer alternatives”, it is indicated that flame retardants other than organo-halogens can be used (RDP is cited), or “using metal casings or removing the electronic source from the casing”.

Washington State public consultation on “Safer products for Washington implementation phase 2”, identification of “priority products”, open to 2nd march 2020

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