Posted on 02/12/2019 in Fire Safety 2019
Whirlpool dryer fire recall

Whirlpool is being obliged to recall further clothes dryers, because in the machines as sold, fluff can accumulated and then enter into contact with the heating element. Several million clothes dryers in the UK, sold under brands Hotpoint, Creda, Swan, Proline and Indesit were initially recalled (see pinfa News n°78) following a Consumer Magazine WHICH? investigation four years ago suggesting that these dryers were responsible for over 750 fires. Whirlpool has issued 500 000 plus 63 000 further recalls in June and September 2019.

UK Government press release 10 July 2019 “Whirlpool accepts need for recall following government intervention” and BBC 13 September 2019 “Whirlpool tumble dryer recall uncovers 65,000 dangerous machines”
Which? 11 June 2019 “Whirlpool facing recall notice over fire-risk tumble dryers”

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