Posted on 27/07/2021 in Electric & Electronic 2021
Wider applicability of expandable graphite

Georg H. Luh has developed an expandable graphite with starting temperature over 270°C, targeting technical polymers. Expandable graphite is an inorganic flame retardant which expands considerably in heat, generating a thermally stable residue in case of fire. A limiting factor of current expandable graphite grades is the low processing stability of typically less than 230°C. This limits application to polymers with low melt temperature such as PP, PE or EVA. Due to a higher onset temperature of over 270°C, the new product opens new possibilities for engineering polymers such as polyamides. Product quality and low contaminant levels are ensured. The thermal conductivity of expandable graphite also increases resistance to ignition and can improve heat dispersion in applications. Applications to date include housings for automotive and machinery. The company is also working to develop an expandable graphite grade with starting temperature >300°C.

George H Luh “New generation expandable graphite”
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