Posted on 11/05/2020 in Transport 2020
ZeMac copolymers for PIN FR polymer performance

Vertellus has developed ZeMac copolymers for high RV (relative viscosity) nylons for performance extrusion components. Applications include automotive parts, piping, E&E, switches & lighting, printed circuit boards and textile fibres. The copolymers are non-halogen and are based on alternating ethylene and maleic anhydride groups. They increase tensile strength and mechanical performance, enable production of branched high RV nylons, and are especially interesting in PIN flame retardant formulations where they can limit FR degradation, improve compatibility (act as a ‘sizing agent’ effectively coating the FR, improving dispersion and enabling bonding with the nylon polymer) and enhance melt strength. The copolymers offer an economic and performance alternative to solid state polymerisation (SSP) processes. Vertellus is a global speciality chemical and plastic additive producer.

Vertellus ZeMac copolymers

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