Posted on 20/06/2022 in Electric & Electronic Fire Safety 2022
ZHF TPU for wire and cable

Lubrizol’s new ESTANE® ZHF (zero halogen flame retardant) TPU offers performance, aesthetic quality and UL 105°C rating. The TPU (thermosplastic polyurethane) is DIN VDE 282 (standard for flexible insulated sleeving) uses PIN flame retardants (non-halogenated) to achieve UL 94 V-0 (2 mm) fire performance and passes Cable Flame Test UL-1581 sec. 1061 down to 8 mm cables. High mechanical properties include ultimate elongation of 460% suitable for applications including industrial and consumer electrical equipment and fibre optic cables. The ZHF resins can also be applied in robotics, data/communication cables, electric vehicle (EV) charging cables and mining and marine cables.

Image Courtesy of The Lubrizol Corporation
“Lubrizol Launches Unique ESTANE® ZHF TPU grade for Non-halogenated Flame Retardant Cables”, 18 January 2022

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