Posted on 08/11/2023

Fire safety and sustainability in strategic industry sectors: how can Flame Retardants contribute?

European Fire Safety Week 2023 – pinfa event – Wednesday 15th November  (Webinar – 11.00 to 13.00)

Fire safety and sustainability in strategic industry sectors: how can Flame Retardants contribute?

Industries key to Europe’s prosperity and climate objectives use materials and processes which can pose inherent fire risks. These must be addressed for these industries to be competitive, sustainable, resilient and accepted by society.

The proposed EU Critical Raw Materials Act aims to ensure the future of industry sectors identified by the EU as “Strategic” for sustainability and resilience: batteries and renewable energies, data and electronics.

This session will look at the specific fire risks posed by these strategic sectors, as seen in increasing reports of fires in e.g. EV’s, batteries, photovoltaics, wind turbines, data centres, and their consequences. Also trends for fire risk impacting all three of these strategic sectors will be considered, both causes of fire (high electrical currents, increasing energy concentration, ubiquitous and permanent power connections) and flammability of necessary materials (polymers and composites needed for reduced weight, complex design, miniaturisation, electrical insulation, data and power cable safety).

  • What fire statistics are available for strategic industries?
  • What specific risks are posed for fire-fighters, the public and for industry or societal resilience?
  • What actions are needed to reduce and to address these fire risks?
  • How can flame retardants safely and sustainably mitigate these fire risks?
  • How can flame retardants contribute to safe design of batteries, photovoltaics and EV’s.
  • Are the existing standards and regulations for fire safety equipped to deal with these new fire risks?


Speakers presentations 

  • Fire safety and the internet of things – Jürgen Troitzsch,Fire & Environment Protection Service
  • 3D Printed Fire-Retardant Materials : Opportunities and Challenges – Henri Vahabi, Université de Lorraine
  • Testing Challenges in Fire Safety – Eric Guillaume, Efectis
  • Fire Safety and EV – Franck Gyppaz, Nexans
  • The importance of fire safety in E&E-Products for the All Electric Society – Mike Adamik, Phoenix Contact

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