Product Selector

Product identity

Chemical name Ammonium polyphosphate ( with synergists)
CAS 68333-79-9
ECN 269-789-9

Regulatory status

H phrases according to GHS Labelling none
REACH Regsitered 2010

Suppliers / trade names (pinfa member companies)

Supplier Trade name
ThorAflammit® PPN range
ClariantExolit® AP 7xx
BudenheimBudit 31xx

Application groups

Group Substrate Application
Solid ThermoplasticsEVA-cop.Applicable
Polypropylene (PP)Applicable
Polyethylene (PE)Applicable
Themoplastic elastomersApplicable
FoamsPUR flexible foamApplicable
PUR Rigid foamApplicable
Rubbers/ElastomersCould be applied
Textiles/Paints/AdhesivesTextile backcoatingApplicable
Hot meltsCould be applied
Intumescent CoatingsApplicable
Latex/adhesivesCould be applied
ThermosetsEpoxy ResinsApplicable
Unsaturated polyestersApplicable
Vinyl estersCould be applied
Acrylic resinsCould be applied
Wire and cablesPE/EVAApplicable
OthersPaper/WoodCould be applied