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Product identity

Chemical name Phosphorus polyol
CAS proprietary

Regulatory status

H phrases according to GHS Labelling none
REACH Regsitered

Suppliers / trade names (pinfa member companies)

Supplier Trade name
ClariantExolit® OP 550, 560More Info

Application groups

Group Substrate Application
FoamsPUR rigid foamApplicable
PUR flexible foamApplicable
Textiles/Paints/AdhesivesOther textile fibersCould be applied
ThermosetsPhenolic resinsApplicable


Phosphorus polyols are medium-viscosity non-halogenated liquids. The products are reactive flame retardants which can be chemically reacted into the polymeric matrix. Due to the high phosphorus contents they exhibit high flame retardancy performance at relatively low loadings. A low acid number of these flame retardants ensure compatibility with a broad range of catalytic systems.

Phosphorus polyols are primarily suited for the production of flame-retarded polyurethane foams. In these applications the products are distinguished by high flame retardant efficiencies and attain high ageing resistances in their flame retardant effect as well as a high migration stability and low fogging values due to their chemical incorporation into the polymer matrix.


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