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Product identity

Chemical name Red phosphorus (dispersions)
CAS 7723-14-0
ECN 918-594-3
ISO 52

Regulatory status

H phrases according to GHS Labelling grades based on epoxy resins: H315, H319, H317, H411; grades based on castor oil: H317, H412
REACH Regsitered 2010

Suppliers / trade names (pinfa member companies)

Supplier Trade name
Italmatch ChemicalsMasteret
ClariantExolit® RPMore Info

Application groups

Group Substrate Application
PUR rigid foamApplicable
Hot meltsCould be applied
Other textile fibersApplicable
ThermosetsPhenolic resinsCould be applied
Epoxy resinsApplicable


Phosphorus dispersions are brown-red pastes consisting of a blend of red phosphorus in a carrier liquid, such as a polyol or an epoxy resin. The paste form allows safe and simple handling of the red phosphorus in a liquid form and avoids the hazards associated when working with red phosphorus powders. Often thixotropic additives are incorporated to hinder sedimentation processes and simplify re-homogenisation after long storage periods. Due to high red phosphorus contents such products exhibit high flame retardancy efficiencies and thus can help to achieve best results in demanding flame retardancy tests with relatively low loadings.

Depending on the carrier liquid red phosphorus dispersions can be used in various materials such as polyurethanes, epoxy resins, polyamides, rubbers, polyolefins and more, with applications ranging from electrical and electronic components, automotive components and interiors, insulating and construction materials and furniture.


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