Posted on 09/02/2022 in Fire Safety 2021
Fire Resistance in Plastics 2021

This Special Issue of the pinfa Newsletter summarises the 16th Fire Resistance in Plastics Conference 2021 (AMI FRiP) and the European Fire Safety Week hybrid event “New fire challenges of green energy in buildings” co-organised within this Conference by pinfa.
Presentations at FRiP relevant to PIN flame retardants only are summarised (presentation on brominated FRs are not covered).
Fire Resistance in Plastics Conference took place in person in Düsseldorf, 30th November – 2nd December 2021, with 80 participants present, considerably fewer than the 250 participating in previous years, because of Covid, and a further nearly 100 participants online at the European Fire Safety Week event integrated into the conference. This Conference is the only European flame retardant industry conference in Europe, and a unique networking tool. For summaries of recent previous editions see pinfa Newsletters n°s 34, 61, 76, 88, 98, 109, 124.

Flame Resistance in Plastics 2022 will take place 28-30 November 2022, Köln, Germany.

Recording and slides of European Fire Safety Week event:
AMI Fire Retardants in Plastics 2022:

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